Bucks 20th Anniversary – Help Us Pick a ’20 for 20′

The 2023/24 season will be our 20th season as AFC Telford United.

We’re inviting our fans to select a squad of 20 players who you feel have represented the best of those 20 seasons (OK, 19 and counting at the present time).

Listing everyone who has pulled on a Bucks shirt since 2004 was a big challenge, even for someone as incredible as Bucks statistician Maurice Barker.

Maurice has helpfully compiled a list of all those players who have played at least 30 games for the club.

Your task is to select a squad from those lists.

Some have gone on to shine elsewhere, but we want you to consider only their performances in a Bucks shirt.

You should select:

  • 2 x goalkeepers
  • 6 x defenders
  • 6 x midfielders
  • 6 x forwards

We’ll collate all the votes cast to arrive at our final #Bucks20 squad, which we’ll reveal sometime before our planned anniversary celebrations in May 2024.

By following the link below, you’ll be taken to a Google form where you can submit your selections.

Bucks20 Squad Selector

There will also be a paper-based form for those less comfortable with an electronic form. We’re aiming to make this available for when our fans return to the New Buck’s Head for pre-season and the 2023/24 campaign.

  • Please note that we will only accept your nominations made using the Google or paper form – entries posted on social media cannot be accepted, although you are free to debate who should be nominated on whatever forum you prefer.

We’ll update the lists with any players who pass the 30 appearances mark in the 2023/24 season.

We’d also like to feature your selections on social media and also in the club’s match programme throughout the 2023/24 season.

If you’d be open to being featured, please tick the box giving your consent when you complete the form.

Someone from the club can then get in touch with you to talk about your choices; it’s your opportunity to share with other fans what made those players special.

Frequently Asked Questions

In truth, we haven’t been asked any questions yet, so calling this section ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is a white lie; however, we’ve tried to anticipate the questions you might ask in advance, so here they are:

Why can’t I find the player I’m looking for?

That’s because they didn’t, or haven’t yet made 30 appearances for the club.

Why do I have to choose a squad of 20 and not a team of 11 players?

Because we felt a team of 11 was too restrictive. Also, ‘20 for 20’ had an obvious appeal.

Can I pick another midfielder instead of a defender, another striker instead of a second goalkeeper, etc?

We think a squad of 2 keepers and 6 each of defenders, midfielders and forwards gives you plenty of scope, so it’s a no, I’m afraid – sometimes you have to make the tough choices!

If you have other questions that we haven’t answered here, please feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected].

*NB* Please can we ask that you don’t ask questions via social media! We monitor our accounts as best we can, but sometimes we miss things – hey, we’re only human, so please use the email address above.

Also, please don’t email Luke Shelley or the club’s other email addresses with queries. Our hardworking club staff are busy enough without having these queries to answer. If you send your questions to the email address above, they will be answered, probably by one of our Bucks20 volunteers.

Of course, you can wait until later in the season before submitting a selection; we will periodically issue reminders, as we’d like as much engagement as possible.

If you already know who you’d want to select, you can make and submit your selections as soon as the squad selector goes live.

We’d welcome a few early selections, as we’d like to feature them throughout the season in our match programme.

We will also try to issue some updates on how many entries have been received and which players are leading the way in terms of being selected. We won’t share the number of votes cast – we wouldn’t like anyone to think that their selections won’t count for anything because Player X, Y or Z is too far ahead (or behind!)

Thanks for taking part and playing a role in selecting the Bucks20 squad – feel free to compare your selections to those made by others – we want you to chat about it, reminisce, and maybe even argue, in a positive fashion.

Most of all, we want you to have fun and remind yourselves of the qualities you value most in those who pull on the Bucks shirt and represent you on a match day.


Bucks 20th Anniversary – Help Us Pick a ’20 for 20′

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